My name is Joe Singh and I am a freelance music photographer. I have also spent over 20 years working as a musician.The difference between many photographers and myself working to grab that perfect shot in the pit at the front of the stage, is that I have clocked up many, many hours at the other end of the camera.

All my images, every attempt to capture the raw energy, power and passion that erupts on stage when an artist, band or solo musician performers is derived from one goal, to replicate those emotions in photography that I myself have experienced from years of playing live stage shows…

But my services also extend to portrait studio or location work for any type of artist or group, achievable through my portable lighting studio.

Live work is challenging and rewarding but some amazing creative ideas can come out of stylised portrait projects.

Please check my portfolio for examples of these and more – If you are interested in making a booking or have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, get in touch using the contact page!

This site will be continually updated with new galleries, blog posts, tips, ideas, links and more.. so don’t be shy.


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