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New adventures with #Portraitsproject

Buying Lies having tea at upstairs downstairs
Todays shoot for #Portraitsproject didn’t go as planned. It went better than planned.

Im learning new skills through my #Portraitsproject venture and they are not all photography related…

I had arranged to meet today’s band

at Gloucester docks. Good location, plenty of old, authentic and even ruined factory buildings for nostalgia,  grit, grime and texture.. or so I thought.

I grew up in Gloucester but very rarely visit now. The docks have become rather metropolitan and very obviously have had a big overhaul with a substantial money injection which has attracted new business and a far fresher contemporary feel. The docks are now home to glass fronted restaurants, independent high end clothes shops and new clean and pretty roads and streets packed with… tourists.

No good.

So I was incredibly lucky when I initiated plan B and put “Charismatic photographer man” into action only to be met by a very warm and welcoming family business who were only too happy to let us shoot a portrait scene at their antique store.

We opted for the first floor café and the band were quite delighted to be able to sit and eat homemade cake and drink sweat earl grey whilst I set up umbrellas and shot away.

I cant thank the owners of

enough for letting us interrupt their day and customers.
Upstairs Downstairs family business
The employees of Upstairs Downstairs

So I guess that with the right attitude and approach you can make new fans and create new opportunities – I have many shoots booked and various environments and setups planned out, but it pays to be flexible, ready to make changes and have your eyes open for a better option. Im just glad there are people out there who feel the same.

If you are thinking about making a booking with me to realise and shoot some fantastic and free portrait work for your band then get to it !

The link to the event is here : –

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Right now, its lamb chop time..
Lamb chops with rosemary