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ATP Festivals at an end, Government passes detrimental legislation over imagery copyright, Storm Thorgerson passes away… but LR5 beta is here..

Its been a right old couple of weeks for photographers and artists ! Alot of this isn’t nessasarily headline news, but in our world its a front page spread so many of you may have read about this already..but continue !!

I really need to blog more often – quite a bit to get through here ! First up ATP Festivals as we know and love is at an end.
Well sort of…
From the official ATP website :-
“The original boutique festival, All Tomorrow’s Parties was founded in 2001, with Mogwai curating in the then unusual setting of Pontins Holiday Camp, Camber Sands, UK. Since then the festival has appeared every year and has expanded across the globe continuing to set itself apart from large scale corporate events by staying intimate and fan-friendly, whilst influencing countless other festivals along the way.

Today we can confirm two very special December festival events at Camber Sands. These will be the last ever UK Holiday Camp festivals, two consecutive weekends with different line-ups going under the title ATP – End Of An Era. ATP will continue to promote curated events in the UK, but after our imminent TV On The Radio & Deerhunter curated spring weekends (tickets available now for both here), and these newly confirmed End Of An Era weekends, we will no longer be hosting them at our traditional holiday camp locations”.

This is sad news. I have been attending this festival for many years with dear friends who still chat to me about some of the amazing acts and experiences had at this unique and vital celebration of art and music from around the world.
I have also had some opportunities to work these festivals and following the news, immediately got on the tinternet and email and made some inquiries to the right people to secure accreditation.
Some of previous work..

Tickets are going to sell out fast for these last two shows – you can choose between PART 1: CURATED BY ATP & PRIMAVERA SOUND – NOV 22ND-24TH and PART 2: CURATED BY ATP & LOOP – NOV 29TH-DEC 1ST
Get on it here : –

A new legislation has recently been passed that totally negates the photographer or artist of all his or her rights relating to retaining the copyrtight and control of the imagery.
Previously your rights were automatic, but following the passing of this new act your imagery is not protected if it does not contain the appropriate metadata, watermarking etc that is often stripped or not applied when used commercially. This leaves your pictures open to be used by whoever by whatever and that person will receive all credit and royalties.
From the Register : –
“The Act contains changes to UK copyright law which permit the commercial exploitation of images where information identifying the owner is missing, so-called “orphan works”, by placing the work into what’s known as “extended collective licensing” schemes. Since most digital images on the internet today are orphans – the metadata is missing or has been stripped by a large organisation – millions of photographs and illustrations are swept into such schemes.

For the first time anywhere in the world, the Act will permit the widespread commercial exploitation of unidentified work – the user only needs to perform a “diligent search”. But since this is likely to come up with a blank, they can proceed with impunity. The Act states that a user of a work can act as if they are the owner of the work (which should be you) if they’re given permission to do so by the Secretary of State”.

Music photographers have to already deal with uncooperative managers and venues, crippling restrictions on shooting conditions, bad return from agencies and headstrong (stubborn) attitudes from artists.. This we could do without.
So sign the petition to refute this stupid new legislation ! – every bit helps.. please do yours..

And last but least, the world has lost a great artist and graphic designer, Storm Thorgerson
Strom and his team has created some truly amazing and creative work for a variety of rock bands including Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Europe, Catherine Wheel, Bruce Dickinson, Dream Theater, The Cranberries, The Mars Volta, Muse and Biffy Clyro.
Some of most famous work was commissioned for Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”. I was actually lucky to view an exhibition of his a few years ago in London which included mostly original material and prints. Bloody great stuff.

So thats the sad stuff.

Here is the happier stuff.
Lightroom 5 is on the horizon !
Ok, ok I know i talk about this software ALOT and have griped about the performance issues of 4 ALOT.. but we are hoping 5 is going to address all this and more.
Only the beta version is out now and I am still in the middle of testing the software and its new features so will blog a review when I can
In the meantime , you can download here :-

This new version boasts more robust healing options, the ability to create off-center vignettes, and a one-click auto perspective correction tool to name but a few.
One of the things I am most excited about is the option to build “smart previews”
While Lightroom 4 added support for the lossy DNG format, Lightroom 5 gives you the option to create 2540-pixel lossy DNG copies of your RAW images either on import or after they’re already on your disk. These copies stick around even if you move the RAWs off to an external drive, augmenting rather than replace your original files. And unlike the JPEG previews available in every previous version of Lightroom, they’re real, usable images. You can change exposure, contrast, and tone mapping, clone out distracting elements, apply gradient filters, and critically, export for the web or make prints — in many cases with no visible loss in quality.
so this could mean speedier, faster and more efficient workflows without loss of quality.
now I like the sound of that !!

Right im off to eat.. have a great Bank Holiday all.